Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs

Our sugar scrubs need to be added to your skin routine! Our scrubs can be used almost anywhere you have dry or cracked skin (avoid using on face, sugar can be abrasive for facial skin). Our formula infused raw honey to create the perfect cleanse for our skin. Honey does not only works well for all skin types but it also makes our complexion happy! Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will help get rid of the dead skin, leave a nice glow and help even tone. 



Blue Slushie: This scrub gives off a watermelon/ lime scent 

Peach Breeze: This scent is gives off a sweet peach with a hint of vanilla

 Vanilla BlastThis scrubs scent gives off a blast of cherry with a hint of passion fruit 

Cashmere & Pear:  This scrub gives off a sweet blend of sweet pea


Benefits: nourishing, helps get rid of dead skin, smooth to touch, moisturized 

Ingredients: organic sugar, raw honey, essential oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil


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