Men’s Foaming Beard Wash

Our foaming beard wash is great if you have any breakage, dryness, stiffness or even if you want a more hydrating beard. African black soap is our main ingredient and has so many key benefits that your beard will love. This soap will help moisturizer, maintain strengthen and promote healthy hair growth. After using our foaming wash its best to follow up with our beard oil to keep that moisturizer locked in. ALWAYS TEST a small patch of skin before applying all over ( everyone skin is different).

How to use: Shake before usage, lather well into hands and massage all over beard rinse well


Benefits: Hydrating, Softer hair, promotes healthy hair growth, Richer beard


Ingredients: Carrot seed oil, African black soap, Vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E oil, Avocado oil


Return policy: There are no refunds or returns on any of ButterBabeSkin products. Please contact us by email if there are any issues with your order. Exchanges can be arranged!
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